Electro Magnetica Numerica

We introduce Electro-Magnetica Numerica which can load shapes from complex CAD data to generate unstructured blocked cells automatically, and which compute in very economical memory storage using FD-TD scheme.

Scattering is the problems which Electro Magnetica version 1 is mostly effective to be solved. It is especially most effective if the scattering object is smaller than the interesting wave length. This is the case Electro Magnetica is most effective because the adaptive blocked cell method is most effective.

Now we consider a case which a perfect cunductive sphere is located at the centre of system and impulsive plane wave is applied to the sphere.

Download this file (sphere.em3.zip)sphere.em3.zip[EM file for this example.]0.9 kB

Electromagnetic emission from a dipole antenna is simulated using Electro Magnetica (EM).

One of a fundamental problem of antenna emission is computed. This is a quite simple model. Two cylindrical elements are located with a small distance, they are connected to a lumped voltage source with a wire model.

Download this file (dipole.em3)dipole.em3[EM file for this example.]1 kB

Numerical simulation performed using Electro Magnetica Numerica to investigate the refection characteristics of electromagnetic wave from a fighter body. The target body is provided with a CAD data (STL) and the adaptive mesh is automatically generated. Fine mesh is generated only on the necessary area so the total computation is very effective. This is one of the greatest merits of the software.

Electro Magnetica can import Stereo Lighography (STL) data or DXF-Triangulated data they are the popular 3D CAD data. So EM can treat complex shaped Perfect Conductive (PEC) objects or dielectric objects for the model. EM generate grid system automatically to fit the shape, fine grids for fine structure, coarse grids for large structure. So EM computes your simulation very effectively in memory and computation.

Download this file (penguin.dxf)penguin.dxf[DXF CAD data of the penguin]120 kB
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