Three Wells provides several softwares, both charged and free of charge. Here we would like to give introduction of the softwares shortly.As of January 2012, we provide three scientific softwares. You can download the softwares from the Download menu of top of this page. They are, Electro Magnetica NumericaMolecula NumericaParticula Numerica. All the software have real-time visualization to show the actual data in the simulation, and implemented with our original numerical algorithms.

Electro Magnetica is a simulator to solve three dimensional electromagnetic problems in time domain. It is based on our original meshing algorithms and is combined with well-established FD-TD discretization scheme. The mesh generation algorithm is a geometry adaptive Cartesian grid method so that it is very computation effective by concentrating meshes on the necessary area. The method is reported in the last JSST's international conference. The paper is available from our download page.

 Molecula Numerical is a Molecular Dynamics simulation program, which uses the Template metaprogramming technique of C++ in order to reduce the implementation cost. The technique is reported in Journal of Computer Chemistry, Japan.

 Particula Numerica is a Galaxy dynamics simulator as known as a N-Body simulator. Particula computes the force between the every mass particles, and solve numerically the equations of motion. Particula adopts a conventional octree-partitioning technique to reduce the force computation, and also adopts our original Alternate Digital Tree partitioning algorithm to reduce the computation more. Professor Dr. Boccio of New York Swathmore Collage revised Particula Numerica to simulate with the effect of DARK MATTER.

You can find the details of thease softwares in the introductory pages as, Electro Magnetica NumericaMolecula NumericaParticula Numerica.

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