Three Wells is a web site located in Tokorozawa, Saitama, Japan run by Hiroshi ABE.

The site is founded in January 2012 to introduce, sale and support softwares developed by him.

He had studied in university the space plasma physics using MHD simulation on super computers, such as NEC SX, Fujitsu VP.

After engaging with NEC to develop/research electromagnetic simulation technologies, he had also studied by himself the Object Oriented Technology and C++ programming[1],[2] skills for new scientific computing.

After some more practicing programming skills and developing some free softwares[3],[4], he decided to found the web site to promote a electromagnetic simulation software, named Electro Magnetica Numerica.


CV of Hiroshi ABE

  • 1989 Tohoku University, Geophisical Department, Doctor candidate.
  • 1989 Engaged with NEC Corporation Central Laboratories to develop / research super computer softwares, especially Electro Magnetic Problems.
  • 1989 Start Finite Difference Time Domain Project in NEC Labs.
  • 1993-96 Research Staff Member of newly established NEC C&C Laboratories in Bonn, Germany. As a fruit of a research project, Library for Electro Magnetics (LEM) was provided as an open source with no charge.
  • 2000 Worked on Japanese National Project to develop a new power device as a theoretical researcher.
  • 2008 Founded the site and start providing softwares, Physica Numerica Series (Particula, Molecula, Electro Magnetica).
  • 1999-2001 A member of editorial comittee of Japanese SIAM.
  • 2011 won the Outstanding Presentation Award of JSST.

[1] Hiroshi ABE, Object Oriented Electromagnetic Simulation Library -LEM- JSST,1997

[2] Hiroshi ABE, A Design of Object Oriented Simulation Program, JSIAM 1997

[3] Hiroshi ABE and Umpei Nagashima, Development of Real Time Three Dimensional Molecular Dynamics Simulater, Molecula Numerica, Society of Computer Chemistry, Japan, 2009

[4] Hiroshi ABE, Blocked Adaptive Cartesian Grid FD-TD Method for Electromagnetic Field with Complex Geometies, Int'l Conf. MST, JSST, 2011

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