Software Overview

Here is an overview of Particula Numerica 3.0.

Particula is a physical simulator to simulate a system of many point masses using the equation of motion. Particula shows the dynamics of the masses beginning from a certain initial condition. In the field of astrophysics, this kind of simulator is called N-Body simulator.

Three Wells provides several softwares, both charged and free of charge. Here we would like to give introduction of the softwares shortly.As of January 2012, we provide three scientific softwares. You can download the softwares from the Download menu of top of this page. They are, Electro Magnetica NumericaMolecula NumericaParticula Numerica. All the software have real-time visualization to show the actual data in the simulation, and implemented with our original numerical algorithms.

Electro Magnetica (EM) is categorized as FD-TD type electromagnetic simulator. EM is based on the conventional FD-TD method, whoes lattice is staggared and the time-marching scheme is Leap-Frog scheme. The FD-TD is already confirmed its effectiveness in the electromagnetic domain. So many algorithms and numerical models are established in many research are so you could obtain good models to solve your problems.

MatchScorer for Tennis is a ANDROID application to record tennis score of match. All the shots can be recorded and using the data, you can get statistical data which is required for the modern tennis.

It is easy to use. You just tap your finger on the tennis court image of your tablet screen. The ball bounce mark is record by your single tap. The rally is ended by ball-out, then you can record by double-tap. If ended by a winner,  fling your finger on the screen. The match score is calculated automatically by the application. The detail usage are described on Usage of MatchScorer for Tennis.

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