MatchScorer for Tennis can record many tennis match data using your finger gesture on the tablet screen.

The server hit a service and continues into a rally if the service was in. The point is finally ended by out/net or a winner. Rally can be recorded by your Single Tap at the ball-bounce mark. The out/net is recorded by Double Tap at the ball-bounce location. If you Double Tap near the net, it record as ball-net. A winner can be recorded by Fling (a gesture sliding your finger on the tablet screen). The score is calculated by the application.

The last input data is responded in a small window with text message, which is called 'Toast'. You recognize a wrong input with this, you can UNDO by Fling Horizontally on the screen.

If the chair umpire declares 'replay the point', long press on the screen does it.

If the service is called 'let', long press on the screen does it.

In case of volley/smash, the ball is hit before bouncing on the court. They are recorded by a Fling at the player's location.

The application recognizes the shot is hit directly. If you Fling straight-down then the shot is recognized a smash. If the direction of the Fling is tilted to the horizontally direction, the shot is recognized as a volley (fore or back).

This is the basic way to record. The application can record the shot kind and hitting point. Please refer to Advanced Usage of MatchScorer for Tennis.

In : Single Tap

Out/Net: Double Tap

Ace/Winner : Fling vertically

Undo: Fling horizontally

Let: Long Press

Replay: Long Press


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