We, Three Wells Computing has developed softwares that are of original algorithms/technologies, while enhances our skill to develop softwares using contemporaly software technology, such as object oriented design and metaprogramming tech. We introduce our skill or our libraries in brief. There might be some hints of your work.

Numerical Algorithms

  • Finite Difference based Electro Magnetic Simulation algorithms,
  • Particle Simulation Algorithms,
  • Fluid Dynamics Simulation Algorithms.
  • Fast detect algorithm to find intersection between 3D objects, such as Alternate Digital Tree, hyperspace algorithm.
  • Algorithms for Computational Geometries
  • Quarternion based algorithms to solve the dynamics of rotating objects.
  • Our originaly developed blocked adaptive Cartesian algorithm.
  • New numerical scheme, always stable explicit algorithm using Green function.

Open Source Libraries

  • Higly functioned multi-platform Graphical User Interface Library - wxWidgets
  • High-level 3D visualization library for multiplatform - Visualization Toolkit (VTK)
  • Templates Libraries, an inplemantation of SIAM Templates, such as SparseLib++ or so.
  • Many other open source libraries (STL, Boost etc.)

Acceleration Technologies

  • SIMD acceleration (Altivec, SSE)
  • Multithreadding
  • Parallelization on distributed memory machines using MPI.

Open Source Scientific Programs Utilization

  • Usage of Free Finite Element tool FreeFEM++
  • Usage of Matlab/Octabe
  • Usage of wxWidgets to build GUI
  • Usage of 3D Visualization Tool Kit (VTK)

  • 1989 Engaged with NEC C&C Research Labs to study on numerical algorithms/softwares for Super Computer SX.
  • 1993-96 NEC C&C Research Labs in Europe (Sankt Augustin)
  • 2000-2006 Fully worked Japanese National Project to develop a new Power device.
  • Found Three Wells and start developing softwares.
  • 1999-2001 Japan SIAM Journal editor
  • 1994 Provided Open Souce Library : Library for Electro Magnetics (LEM) (Scattport, LAACG)


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The Proce List of the softwares Three Wells is developing.

Electro Magnetica Numerica version 1

  • 6,500 USD

We are promoting a free of charge campaign for Electro Magnetica Numerica now. Please download and take a look into the advanced electromagnetic simulator. 

We are not only consulting physical simulations with our in-house software, but also with the Open Source softwares, such as FreeFEM and Gmsh/GetDP and so on. As the benefit of you, with the resultant scripts for these open source applications, you can simulate and learn yourself. You can modify the scripts to research for your new projects.

We had worked in the Central Laboratories of NEC Corporation, one of the big electric company, about 20 years engaging to research on electromagnetic studies (optics to low freq EM). We are looking forward to working with you.


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