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News Release from Three Wells

Three Wells is a web site located in Tokorozawa, Saitama, Japan run by Hiroshi ABE.

The site is founded in January 2012 to introduce, sale and support softwares developed by him.

He had studied in university the space plasma physics using MHD simulation on super computers, such as NEC SX, Fujitsu VP.

After engaging with NEC to develop/research electromagnetic simulation technologies, he had also studied by himself the Object Oriented Technology and C++ programming[1],[2] skills for new scientific computing.

After some more practicing programming skills and developing some free softwares[3],[4], he decided to found the web site to promote a electromagnetic simulation software, named Electro Magnetica Numerica.


The site provides several free applications and manuscripts at Download area. The files are able to download freely but the setting is mistakenly to require the site-registration. Now the files are freely accessed by anyone. Please download the files, such as molecular dynamics, galaxy simulator. We apologize the inconvenience. 

Nowaday many scientific libraries, applications are available on the internet. Especially application-level softwares are prepared by many organization, usually academic organization. There are OpenFOAM, MEEP, Elmer, FreeFEM and so on. Gmsh/GetDP is the one of the softwares.

Gmsh/GetDP is a Finite Element Method packages. Gmsh generates a mesh for FEM and prepare the GUI for the system. GetDP is a FEM engine to solve many partial differential equation sets. This is very powerful software but there are not many information on the software in Japanese. So we decided to prepare some lines to show how to use these softwares on this Three Wells' site.

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Three Wells develops and sales scientific simulator and the relations for solving physical phenomenon using computers. The member of Three Wells have experience in the scientific computing and its application in a world-leading manufacturer, and will help you for your problems using our simulation technology.

Three Wells have great experience in electromagnetic simulation and also particle simulators such as N-Body Galaxy simulator and Molecular Dynamics simulator. All the softwares is our intellectual property. Please take a look at in the showcase and details.

We are proud to announce that our Electro-Magnetica Numerica (EM hereafter) is now port to MPI machine. We have ported the Non-GUI version of EM to TSUBAME 2.5. This is not a TSUBAME 2.5 specific version so it means our cutting-edge electromagnetic simulator is ready for MPI machines. Also it is available for the single node machine in the command line interface.

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